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green anole lizard AnoCar2.0 (GCA_000090745.1) is an assembly of the anole lizard, provided by the Genome Sequencing Platform, the Genome Assembly Team, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. This assembly is used by UCSC to create their anoCar2 database.

The anole lizard genome is composed of 13 chromosomes, assembled from 41.9861 contigs and 2.143 scaffolds. The total number of bases in the genome is 1.78Gb.

The genome assembly represented here corresponds to GenBank Assembly ID GCA_000090745.1

Download Anole lizard genome sequence (FASTA)

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The gene set for anole lizard was built using the Ensembl genebuild pipeline. Gene models are based on genewise alignments of chicken proteins as well as genetically distant proteins from other species, including most vertebrates from Uniprot. To improve the accuracy of models generated from distant species, the Genewise alignments were made to stretches of genomic sequence rather than to 'miniseqs'. The protein based gene models were then extended using anole lizard cDNA and EST alignments as well as chicken cDNA. Potentially missing predictions and partial gene predictions were identified by examining the human-chicken one-to-one orthologs, which were then used to build new gene models.