e.g. sms-2 or X:937750-957850 or sphingomyelin

Assembly and Annotation

C. elegans

Genome sequence and annotation have been imported from the WS230 release of WormBase (which includes the WBcel215 version of the C.elegans reference genome). Included are annotated operons, genes, transcripts and translations, as well as RNAi and BLAST/BLAT homology data. In addition Affymetrix and Agilent cross references for C.elegans expression arrays have been added.

We include C.elegans in Ensembl (and also Ensembl Genomes) to allow people to access the data through the Ensembl user interface (both for visualisation and data mining) and to provide cross-species integration through our comparative genomics resources (such as homologous gene links and protein family pages).

Download Caenorhabditis elegans genome sequence (FASTA)

Previous assemblies

This species and other invertebrates are also available from our sister site, Ensembl Metazoa