e.g. cul-2 or 2L:21650001-21700000 or CG33127

Assembly and Annotation

drosophila melanogaster

The data displayed on the Ensembl Fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster site is a compendium of data from different sources, including BDGP, FlyBase and DHGP. The genomic sequence is the BDGP assembly, release 5 (April 2006), and the annotations are imported from FlyBase release 5.39 (FB2011_07, dated 21 July 2011). No additional gene build has been carried out, however blast hits and protein features have been computed through the Ensembl pipeline.

We have included Drosophila melanogaster into Ensembl to allow people to access the Fruitfly genome through the Ensembl user interface (both for visualisation and data mining) and to provide cross-species integration through our comparative genomics resources (such as homologous, gene trees and families).

The canonical data for Drosophila is managed at FlyBase and we are working in partnership with them to provide feedback on their resources.

Variation Data

The Ensembl Fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster variation database has been produced using data from release 1.0 of the "50 genomes" data set from the Drosophila Population Genome Project. The data set contains over 6.7 million SNPs from two populations, one comprising 37 lines from north Carolina and the other comprising 15 lines from Malawi. The DPGP data has been released in advance of publication and the consortium has requested that users of these data (both Release 0.5 and Release 1.0) defer publication for six (6) months after the appearance of Release 1.0 (see the release notes for more information).

Download Fruitfly genome sequence (FASTA)

Previous assemblies

This species and other invertebrates are also available from our sister site, Ensembl Metazoa