e.g. Q4SDS7_TETNG or 1:783604-1032531 or claudin



The Tetraodon genome project is a collaboration between Genoscope and the Broad Institute (MIT). This Ensembl website presents sequence data and analyses provided by the two institutes.

The project was supported by the Consortium National de Recherche en Genomique and the National Human Genome Research Institute.

The genome assembly was performed using Arachne (Jaffe D.B. et. al. 2003. Gen. Res. 13, 91-96). This site presents version 7 of the assembly.

Download Tetraodon genome sequence (FASTA)

Previous assemblies


Genes were annotated by Genoscope, combining evidence from Geneid, Genscan, Genewise and Exofish predictions with alignments of Tetraodon cDNAs to the genome. This was done automatically using GAZE (Howe K., Chothia T. and Durbin R. 2002. Gen. Res. 12, 1418-27) with a custom-designed configuration and gene structure model.

The annotation also includes 87 manually curated structures of a number of HOX and Cytokine genes.