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Web Code Changelog - Release 61

Session table

There has been a schema change to the session_record table in the ensembl_web_user_db database.

As we do not provide dumps of this database, you MUST run the script /utils/ when updating to the new code for this release, otherwise track configuration will no longer be stored correctly. This script both alters the table and updates all existing configurations to work with the new code.

Further changes to this table will probably be coming over the next few releases.

ZMenu plugins

ZMenu plugins now work in the same way as the rest of the code.

Previously all modules matching the required namespace would be called, starting from the most important plugin and ending with the core code. Now only the first matching namespace will be used, and as a result plugin code should be changed to call $self->SUPER::content in the content function where required.

Static server

Ensembl can now serve static files - images, css and javascript - from a different URL, specified in SiteDefs as $ENSEMBL_STATIC_SERVER. This change reduces server load as cookies will not be registered for the static domain.

If no ENSEMBL_STATIC_SERVER variable is set, the site will behave as it did previously.