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We provide a number of ready-made tools for processing your data. At the moment, small datasets can be uploaded to our servers and processed online; for larger datasets, we provide an API script that can be downloaded (you will also need to install our Perl API to use these).

In the near future we aim to offer an intermediate service, whereby medium-to-large data sets can be submitted to a queue, similar to BLAST.

Currently available:

Tool Description    
Assembly converter Map your data to the current assembly. Accepted file formats: GFF, GTF, BED, PSL
N.B. Export is currently in GFF only
globe Upload your data code Download Perl script
ID History converter Convert a set of Ensembl IDs from a previous release into their current equivalents. globe Upload your data
(max 30 ids)
code Download Perl script
Region Report Export standard data sets (genes, sequence, variations, etc) from one or more regions, in either GFF or simple text format globe Upload your data
(max 5MB total, or 1MB for variation/regulation data)
code Download Perl script
Variant Effect Predictor (Formerly SNP Effect Predictor). Upload a set of variants in our standard format or VCF format and export a file containing consequence types. Uploaded tracks can also be viewed on Location pages. See also full documentation globe Upload your data
(max 750 variants)
code Download Perl script
Ensembl Virtual Machine VirtualBox virtual Machine with Ubuntu desktop and pre-configured with the latest Ensembl API plus Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) Download Virtual Machine