Rhodopsin Source: UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Q95KU1
GeneScaffold_4987: 336,462-341,946 forward strand.
This transcript is a product of gene ENSFCAG00000000092 - This gene has 1 transcript
NameTranscript IDLength (bp)Protein IDLength (aa)Biotype
OPSD_FELCAENSFCAT000000000921047ENSFCAP00000000085348Protein codingA protein coding transcript is a spliced mRNA that leads to a protein product.

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Exons: 5 Transcript length: 1,047 bps Translation length: 348 residues

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Prediction Method
Models were annotated by projecting Ensembl transcripts from a reference genome, through a BLASTZ DNA alignment of this genome to a reference genome