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How do I view clone sets, such as 129/AB2.2 BACs?

About clones

Turn on clone tracks using the configure this page menu at the left of the region in detail or region overview pages under the location tab.

Clones are found in the menu: Misc. regions & clones. Select one or more sets of clones, then click SAVE and close. Clicking on a clone drawn in the region in detail or region overview view displays the accession number from the EMBL database.

Export clones using the export data link at the left.

The international BAC clone nomenclature is described here.

Ordering clones

Ensembl does not have clones for sale, however there are several sources for ordering clones on the web. Try the clone registry. Individual libraries can be found here. Clones can also be ordered from imaGenes, C.H.O.R.I., and Geneservice. Clones from the Sanger Institute can be ordered here.

DIL NOD, CHORI-29 NOD and 129/AB2.2 BAC clone sets for mouse

All sets can be found in the Misc. regions & clones menu in the configure this page dialogue in location views. The 129/AB2.2 BACs track is named ens_m37_129AB22. BAC end sequences have been deposited in the trace server.

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