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Where is the MeDIP data? How can I view and download gene regulation data... and where did it come from?

The DNA methylation profiles from MeDIP-chip and MeDIP-seq experiments are described in these publications:



Download these data from the EBI ftp site.

The methylation profiles are viewable as tracks in the region in detail page of the Ensembl browser. To find the region in detail, click on the Location tab. Click configure this page and go to the Regulation, DNA Methylation menu.

The regulation tracks displays promoter and enhancer predictions based on data from DNase I, ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq experiments. Read more here

These are the data in the regulatory regions track in the region in detail page. Data are accessible using the Perl API. Alternatively, download these data from the Ensembl ftp site. BioMart allows data mining of the functional genomics data.

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