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What is GENCODE?

GENCODE is a sub-project of the ENCylcopedia Of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project. The aim of GENCODE is to annotate all evidence-based gene features (genes, transcripts, coding sequences, etc) in the entire human genome at a high accuracy. The result will be a set of annotations including all protein-coding loci with alternatively transcribed variants, non-coding loci with transcript evidence and pseudogenes. The process to create this annotation involves manual curation, different computational analysis and targeted experimental approaches. Putative loci can be verified by wet-lab experiments and computational predictions are analysed manually. The Ensembl human gene set is a merge of Havana's manual annotation with Ensembl's automatic annotation, and it is this merged gene set that we provide to GENCODE. The default human gene set in the Ensembl browser is therefore also the current version of GENCODE. More information can be found at the GENCODE website.

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