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General Identifiers

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Ensembl genes, transcripts, and proteins are matched to sequences and information in other biological databases. The matches are referred to as external references, or Xrefs, in the Ensembl API.

Sequence matches to databases such as UniProtKB and NCBI RefSeq are shown in this view. Clicking on the matching ID will bring you to the record in the external database.

Target %id indicates the percentage of the target (external sequence) that matches to the Ensembl transcript or protein.

Query %id indicates the percentage of the query (Ensembl transcript or protein) that matches to the external sequence.

The align link shows the sequence alignment between the Ensembl transcript and the sequence match in the external database.

IDs in other databases may also be extracted for one or more genes at a time using BioMart. See a tutorial video here.