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Supporting Evidence for a Transcript

Example page

Transcript sources

Ensembl/Havana transcripts result from either the alignment of protein and cDNA sequences to the genome (the Ensembl genebuild) or (for human, mouse, and zebrafish) from manual curation by VEGA/Havana. Protein, cDNA, and EST sequences used to determine the Ensembl/Havana transcripts can be viewed in this page.


Exons in the Ensembl or Havana transcript are drawn as boxes at the top of the image. Filled red or gold boxes are protein-coding exons, while empty boxes with red or gold outline are UTR (UnTranslated Region) within a protein-coding transcript. Evidence (sequences) that the Ensembl/Havana transcript was based on during the genebuild is drawn underneath. This evidence can be cDNA, mRNA, protein, or EST in nature (see colour key at the bottom of the image).

Original sequences

Click on any alignment to find a link to the sequence record, or to view the alignment of the supporting evidence with the Ensembl/Havana transcript. Exon evidence aligned to the Ensembl/Havana transcript may support one or a few exons.

Non-canonical splice sites are highlighted as indicated in the key.

Note: The genebuild is carried out once a year or less frequently. For an up-to-date list of matches to current sequences in scientific databases, try the General identifiers page.