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Turkey_2.01 (GCA_000146605.1) is an assembly of the domesticated turkey genome. The first sequences have been generated with the GS-Titanium platform in VBI's (Virginia Bioinformatics Institute) Core Lab. Additionally, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Beltsville group provided 30x coverage with Illumina 70 bp reads. And the Salzberg group at UMD (University of Maryland) assisted with assembly and annotation of the integrated 454/Illumina/BAC end sequence data set into a "draft genome sequence". The whole composite covers 90% of the genome.

The turkey genome is composed of 33 chromosomes, assembled from 152,913 contigs. The total number of bases in the genome is 1.04Gb.

Photo credit: Gretta Irwin, Iowa Turkey Federation

The genome assembly represented here corresponds to GenBank Assembly ID GCA_000146605.1

Download Turkey genome sequence (FASTA)


The gene set for turkey was built using the Ensembl genebuild pipeline. Gene models are based on genewise alignments of chicken proteins as well as genetically distant proteins from other species, including most vertebrates from Uniprot. To improve the accuracy of models generated from distant species, the Genewise alignments were made to stretches of genomic sequence rather than to 'miniseqs'. The protein based gene models were then extended using turkey cDNA and EST alignments as well as chicken cDNA. Potentially missing predictions and partial gene predictions were identified by examining the human-chicken one-to-one orthologs, which were then used to build new gene models.