This site presents version 4 of the Fugu genome, released in June 2005 by the International Fugu Genome Consortium. Takifugu rubripes has a very compact genome, with less than 15% consisting of dispersed repetitive sequence, which makes it ideal for gene discovery.

The latest assembly includes 7,213 scaffolds, constituting 390 Mb of the genome, and the mitochondrion. 90% of the genome is on 1118 scaffolds. 74 scaffolds are larger than 1 Mb each and the largest scaffold is 7 Mb. Please refer to the Fugu Project webpage for more details of the sequencing effort.

Download Fugu genome sequence (FASTA)


This is the first full Ensembl genebuild of this genome. It was carried out in an incremental fashion, using fugu proteins initially then adding in other fish, mammal, vertebrate and finally non-vertebrate protein sequences.