The Xenopus tropicalis genome assembly version 4.2 (GCA_000004195.1, November 2009] is the fifth in a series of preliminary assembly releases by the JGI that are planned as part of the ongoing X. tropicalis genome project. This Ensembl website presents the sequence data provided by the JGI.

The reads were assembled using JAZZ, the JGI assembler, producing a genome of approximately 1.51 Gb in scaffolds and 1.36Gb in contigs. The assembly contains 19,549 scaffolds with an average coverage of 7.65X. The N50 length for scaffolds is 1.57 Mb and is 17.04 kb for contigs. The N50 size is the length such that 50% of the assembled genome lies in blocks of the N50 size or longer.

The genome assembly represented here corresponds to GenBank Assembly ID GCA_000004195.1

Download Xenopus genome sequence (FASTA)

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The gene set was built using the Ensembl pipeline. 19249 cDNAs were used to add the untranslated regions (UTRs). 31465 Xenopus tropicalis proteins were used to predict the transcript structures. Finally, gene predictions based on UniProt vertebrate proteins were used to fill gaps in the annotation. The gene set contains 18429 protein coding genes, 121 pseudogenes, 52 retrotransposed genes and 1552 non coding RNA.