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TestUtils Class Reference

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Available Methods

public count_rows ()
public debug ()
public Boolean test_getter_setter ()

Method Documentation

public TestUtils::count_rows ( )

Undocumented method

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public TestUtils::debug ( )

Undocumented method

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public Boolean TestUtils::test_getter_setter ( )
  Arg [1]    : Object $object
               The object to test the getter setter on
  Arg [2]    : string $method
               The name of the getter setter method to test
  Arg [3]    : $test_val
               The value to use to test the set behavior of the method.
  Example    : ok(&TestUtils::test_getter_setter($object, 'type', 'value'));
  Description: Tests a getter setter method by attempting to set a value
               and verifying that the newly set value can be retrieved.  The
               old value of the the attribute is restored after the test 
               (providing the method functions correctly).
  Returntype : boolean - true value on success, false on failure
  Exceptions : none
  Caller     : test scripts
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