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Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory Class Reference

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    $url_string1 = 'mysql://ensadmin:<pass>@ecs2:3362/compara_hive_23c';                 # type=hive by default
    $url_string2 = 'mysql://ensadmin:<pass>@ecs2:3362/ensembl_compara_22_1;type=compara'
    $url_string3 = 'mysql://ensadmin:<pass>@ecs2:3362/ensembl_core_homo_sapiens_22_34;type=core'

    $hive_dba    = Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory-\>fetch($url_string1);
    $compara_dba = Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory-\>fetch($url_string2);
    $core_dba    = Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory-\>fetch($url_string3);

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Available Methods

public create_cached_dba ()
public DESTROY ()
public Blessed fetch ()
public new ()

Method Documentation

public Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory::create_cached_dba ( )

Undocumented method

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public Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory::DESTROY ( )

Undocumented method

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public Blessed Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory::fetch ( )
  Arg[1]     : string $url
  Example    :  $url = 'mysql://user:pass@host:3306/dbname/table_name?tparam_name=tparam_value;type=compara;discon=1'
                my $object = Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory->fetch($url);
  Description: parses the URL, connects to appropriate DBAdaptor,
               determines appropriate object_adaptor, fetches the object
  Returntype : blessed instance of the object refered to or a DBAdaptor if simple URL
  Exceptions : none
  Caller     : ?
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public Bio::EnsEMBL::Hive::URLFactory::new ( )

Undocumented method

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